Ohio Byways – Gateway to Amish Country

Ohio Byways – Gateway to Amish Country | Martinsburg Marathon – Martinsburg, OH
Gateway Amish Country Ohio Byway

Martinsburg Marathon is located on 1 of the 27 Ohio Byways. The Ohio Byways are a great way to get off the interstate and slow down to a more relaxed pace. What can be more relaxing than a nice drive along “The Gateway to Amish Country”? Holmes County has over 4 million visitors a year, and once you visit, you’ll understand why. The Amish lifestyle will take you back to a simpler time when telephones, computers, and modern conveniences of today did not exist.

What You’ll Find
Along this Ohio Byway, you’ll discover Amish buggies, farm markets full of baked goods, and plenty of Amish baskets and crafts. Travel to Millersburg and Berlin, which are both a the heart of Amish Country, and are great getaways to experience an old way of life. Area hotels and inns, along with bed and breakfasts, offer a wide range of overnight lodging. Amish Country offers a great selection of Amish cooking and plenty of historic sites to celebrate the history of the Amish and the German people. The Gateway to Amish Country is one Ohio Byway that you’ll want to travel again and again.