Ohio Byways Gas Station


Planning your next trip to Amish Country? Add Martinsburg Marathon – an Ohio Byways Gas Station – to your list of stops.

Martinsburg Marathon is not just any gas station, it’s part of the gateway to Amish Country. We have something for everyone. We carry work gloves, charcoal, chips, beef jerky, DVDs, pet food, paper towels, school supplies, dental care, and so much more. Martinsburg Marathon has automotive needs
like automotive oil, windshield washer fluid, anti-freeze, fuses, WD-40, ice scrapers, and a small selection of windshield wipers.

Something for Everyone
Martinsburg Marathon is located approximately 1 hour from Columbus and is a wonderful place to stop to stretch and fill up your gas tank while enjoying the scenic drive along the gateway. We have gas, diesel, kerosene, and we offer propane refills. We carry farm & pet feeds and live bait for fishing. We even carry toys and games for entertainment. And the best part about Martinsburg Marathon is the FOOD! We’ve got something for everyone. Pizza, subs, salads, wings, beer & wine, soft drinks, juices, sports drinks, water, coffee, and cappuccino. We also have snacks for the pickiest of travelers. If an ailment comes upon you during your travels, we have a section of OTC medications that may be just what you need.

You can pay at the pump or stop in our convenience store and be greeted by one of our friendly gas
station attendants. We look forward to seeing you during your next trip to Amish Country when you stop by Martinsburg Marathon, your local Ohio Byways Gas Station.