Martinsburg Marathon Gas Station

Martinsburg Marathon Gas Station is here for YOU!

Martinsburg Marathon Gas Station

Traveling day or night on a long highway, you want to stop at a well-lit and safe area with your family. When you need gas, stop at your convenient Martinsburg Marathon gas station. When you need a quality gas supplier, Martinsburg Marathon has you covered!

Very Convenient

Martinsburg Marathon gas station prides itself on being convenient for you. Martinsburg is the gateway to Amish Country. If you have any questions about the Amish, we are here to answer them and guide you there. We’re only about 30 miles outside Amish Country, so the rest of your trip will be a breeze with no other stops necessary.

Stop Inside for the Best

Martinsburg Marathon gas station is an excellent place to stop when your family needs a break from a long ride. We are not just a gas station but a one-stop shop. There is plenty to grab inside, for children and adults, to make your trip to Amish Country a great one.

Inside you’ll find:

  • An ATM so you’ll have cash on hand in Amish Country
  • Amish baskets filled with goodies
  • F’Real milkshakes that are so smooth and delicious
  • Subs, salads, and pizza to satisfy hunger cravings
  • Toys and school supplies to keep children entertained
  • Live bait for the beautiful and peaceful fishing spots along the way
  • Greeting cards to send back and tell family and friends what a great time you’re having

So make sure to stop at Martinsburg Marathon gas station for all of these conveniences and more! You will find us on State Route 62, and you’re guaranteed to see Amish Country with a smile.