Byway to Amish Country

Get your gas on the Byway to Amish Country

Byway to Amish Country

If you find yourself on a road trip headed to see how the Amish community lives, you will have to pass through Martinsburg because it is the Gateway to Amish Country. Located in Holmes County, Martinsburg Marathon is a gas station and convenience store where you can stop to fill up your tank and grab a quick snack or drink. Here you will find great prices on items such as velvet ice cream, wine, beer, ice, Hunt Brothers Pizza, wings, subs, salads, live bait, farm feeds, pet feeds, toys, Amish baskets, propane refills, kerosene, diesel, gas, and even an ATM if you need some cash.

Check Out the Area
While you are on the Byway to Amish Country, be sure to take the time to view Martinsburg and its beautiful scenic areas. A trip to Amish Country should not be rushed, so as you take the Ohio Byway into the area, make sure you appreciate the area for not only its beauty, but also its value to you as a tourist. If you are driving from far away, you will probably want to stop in this area and stretch your legs for a few minutes as you discover everything Martinsburg has to offer. To give you some perspective on where this area is, it is approximately one hour from Columbus, Ohio.

If you are looking to go on a relaxing walk while on the Byway to Amish Country, be sure to check out The Kokosing Gap Trail and The Mohican Valley Trail. Then, drive over “The Bridge of Dreams,” which is the largest covered bridge in Ohio.

Enjoy your road trip on the Byway to Amish Country and be sure to stop by the Martinsburg Marathon gas station & convenience store for all your on-the-road needs.